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Content Marketer, Cat Lady, and Traveler…

Liz Mellem is a Denver based freelance writer who helps you bring awareness to your brand, product, or service using evergreen content and persuasive copy. Her passion for writing, combined with her education in social work, give her a personal perspective that speaks directly to your target audience.

Liz works with people who specialize in helping people live better lives. Whether that’s in the health and wellness industry, higher education, alternative medicine, or social justice, Liz seeks clients whose values and services align with her own commitment to integrity and transparency.

Liz has had the pleasure of working with the following…

  • SCL Health
  • Convercent
  • Cannabis Industry Institute
  • Unlimited Yoga
  • Ashworth College
  • Beyond Campus Innovations
  • Communications Strategy Group
  • Chef Jungle
  • Mile High MMJ Patient Magazine
  • Force Change
  • Behavioral Medicine Associates

While many marketers think about potential customers as a whole, Liz focuses on providing individuals with the content they need to make thoughtful decisions, form educated opinions, and feel connected to brands that have their best interest at heart. Similarly, Liz’s personalized marketing strategies are founded in why you do what you do, so that customers and consumers feel good about aligning their identity with your brand.

Liz’s Story

Liz was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but moved to Littleton, Colorado at the age of six. After earning her bachelor’s of social work from the University of Kansas, she went on to earn her master’s of social work from New York University in 2008. While the role of counselor didn’t quite fit, Liz did enjoy writing about the recipients and direct practitioners on the front lines. She was inspired by the struggles, resilience, and triumphs of both sides.

Grinning and bearing the challenges of traveling while working.
No desk, no worries!

Equipped with an education in helping diverse and unique populations, and a passion for writing, Liz quickly found her niche helping people help people. Without really knowing it, she found herself marketing psychology services in New York City and her marketing career was officially launched.

After returning to Colorado in 2009, this time living in Denver, she became a part-time group counselor at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), while creating marketing and business strategies in the emerging field of alternative medicine. From content writing, to email marketing, newsletter creation, and social media management, Liz wore many hats as a marketing consultant in this new and quickly growing industry.

Three and a half years later, Liz was chosen to participate in a three-month copywriting and digital marketing boot camp. Seeking new skills, Liz devoted herself to becoming a comprehensive content marketer and excelled within the program. Upon completion of the  internship, Liz and only one other participant was rewarded with a full-time copywriting position.

Since then Liz has continued to refine her skills, knowledge base, and ever changing strategies within digital marketing. She now provides marketing services as an independent contractor who collaborates with people to establish thought-leadership, brand awareness, and product-based revenue.

How Can I Help You?

  • Copywriting: Expand your audience and boost sales with compelling copy that motivates potential customers and consumers to purchase, click, and engage with you.
  • Content Writing: Become a known industry expert and influencer through the use of thought-provoking and informative takeaways on the topics your readers care about most – from blogs to articles, interviews, and videos – content is king in today’s digital landscape.
  • Copyediting: Ensure credibility, readability, and SEO ranking by delivering content, copy, and brand messaging that is succinct, well-written, and free of errors.
  • Content Management and Planning: Utilize everything that could possibly increase your business potential by curating content, repurposing content in different formats, maintaining a content library, and creating a content calendar to guide strategy.
  • Product Creation and Development: Increase revenue with integrity by giving people the products and access they want, need, and benefit from most.
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation: Achieve business goals by collaborating with an experienced and educated content marketer who can help you create a successful and comprehensive marketing strategy without diluting internal resources.
Iguazú Falls, Argentina
Iguazú Falls, Argentina

The freelance life found Liz after she discovered how inspired she was by other cultures and diverse populations. Now she regularly travels while working with clients to create the perfect balance between her passions.

In the last year she’s spent time in Argentina, with a stop in Uruguay and Iguazú; walked the canals of Amsterdam and Venice, and took a road trip down the coast of Croatia before battling the heat in Cartagena, and finally cooling down in Medellín, Colombia. Liz will start 2018 with a month in Brazil and looks forward to Thailand later in the year.

While at home, she lives up to the title of “cat lady” with the profound and undying love of her cat, Harlem. Liz’s guiltiest pleasure, reality T.V., is juxtaposed with her interest in the frenzy of politics, social justice, and being an active and concerned citizen. She also loves a good glass of wine, time with friends, and of course, a thought-provoking or hilarious read.