Copywriting Samples | Liz Mellem

Convercent | Copywriter

I worked for Convercent from April through October of 2018. As a freelance copywriter I needed to gain a deep understanding about Convercent’s software capabilities, differentiators and competitors. With this foundation in place, I was able to create copy based on the features and benefits sought by prospects and target audiences. I also became familiar with Convercent’s design principles and guiding creative components to fit copy aspects to the established brand.

Copywriting projects that I contributed to, and collaborated with other team members, include the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Case studies
  • Sales materials
  • Video scripts
  • Content editing

As an ethics and compliance software company, Convercent leads with value in marketing and sales materials. Copy focuses on the risks organizations may not realize they’re susceptible to, changes in laws that require compliance solutions and identifying the benefits of compliant businesses.

Sample some of the projects completed below:

Copywriting | Liz Mellem

Landing Page: Global Data Protection Regulation

GDPR represents the most wide-reaching change to the way data is legislated. As a leader in the ethics and compliance industry, Convercent created a number of assets to educate readers on the implications, and provide solutions, for the challenges presented.

I was asked to write the Convercent GDPR landing page as a single location where prospects, customers and stakeholders could understand the legal requirements, and Convercent’s tools for seamless compliance. In addition to explaining the regulations in simple and easy-to-digest terms, I utilized the content produced for knowledge campaigns leading up to the effective date. Showcasing Convercent’s tools as solutions and benefits for the sweeping changes provides a sales opportunity, along with the thought-leadership assets used throughout the page.

Writing Sample | Liz Mellem

Case Study: Black & Veatch

Convercent uses case studies to provide prospects with a first-hand experience of being a customer. Speaking to specific strengths, like implementation, integration and customization, case studies are used as on-site assets, in social media, in email campaigns and as gated content to grow and define leads. For the latter, I developed this landing page following the design and structure of Convercent opt-in pages.

I completed the case study above using a call transcript between Convercent’s marketing director and Black & Veatch leadership. Focusing on the results Black & Veatch accomplished with Convercent’s tools, I was able to tell a story that other businesses could identify with. Utilizing direct quotes and Black & Veatch background information, the case study tells a compelling story to open a dialog with Convercent’s sales team.