Liz Mellem Resume | Content Marketing Writer
Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Liz Mellem is a results-driven, copy and content writer with a focus on increasing website traffic, revenue, and brand recognition by growing consumer acquisition and customer retention by focusing on the creation, execution, and measurement of successful content to support digital campaigns and brand identity.

Specialties Include:

Copywriting • Content Writing • Email Marketing • Blog Management • Copyediting • Content Management & Planning • Communications • Strategic Marketing • Conversion Rate Optimization • Product Creation & Development

What People Are Saying About Liz…

Liz hired me to help one of her clients with social media management and website maintenance. Liz was extremely reliable and efficient. Her content creation skills were beyond what I had expected and definitely contributed to the success of the project we worked on. At times, Liz operated as the liaison between her client and I and made the communication process seamless. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Liz and hope to work together on future projects.”

Meliss Jakubovic, Facebook Expert and Marketing Strategist at Meliss Marketing

Liz is a confident and talented writer, collaborator, and team member. She is enthusiastic and proactive on diverse projects, and always goes the extra mile to find creative solutions.

Natalie Berkey, Senior Associate at Communications Strategy Group

Liz is a strategic and data-driven thinker and is incredibly organized and articulate; she always stuck to her deadlines while producing very high quality work. I highly recommend her for any content marketing or communications role.

Emily Doty, former Senior Community Engagement Associate at Colorado State University-Global (CSU-Global)

Liz is one of the brightest, smartest, and results-driven email marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has the unique ability to see the bigger strategic solutions as they relate to her individual email role and uses that knowledge to make her own contributions more integrated with a stronger ROI. Her background in copywriting makes her an extremely effective email marketer because she understands how to write for specific objectives and different audiences…

Andrea Scott, former Senior Management/Marketing Consultant at Live Smart Solutions

Liz has the mind of a marketer, and it makes her a natural at writing copy and crafting marketing strategy. She has a keen mind for split testing and strategy, and knows her way around the digital marketing world. And beyond being good at what she does, Liz is a genuine pleasure to work with — she has a great sense of humor, is easy to get along with, and doesn’t hesitate to give it to you straight. I’d definitely work with her again, if given the opportunity.

Jessica Hamilton, former Email Marketing Manager at Live Smart Solutions